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“Hey there, what are you up to?” is a brief insight into the work of a select group of creatives. The architecture and multi-functional usability of the Workspace and Meetingpointspace in Wuppertal was reported on in the summer issue of the GMG magazine TrueColors.

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Workspace – A Focusing Mirror

The multi-functional Ueberholz space offers a spacious environment for concentrated work and relaxation. Read more in the 1719 issue of Cube magazine for architecture, modern living and lifestyle / Düsseldorf issue.

Report about the reopening of our Space

Ueberholz opens Workspace in Wuppertal

The Space from Ueberholz in Wuppertal celebrated its grand opening on January 29, 2019. Space offers 200 square meters of multi-functional space for presentations, meetings, workshops and photo shoots. The building is the very latest design by the Wuppertal-based designer Nico Ueberholz, who once again demonstrates his clear architectural language right next to the office building of Ueberholz GmbH.

The outer shell of the new building is completely clad in mirrors. The surface consists of reflective Alucobond. It reflects the surrounding landscape like a camouflage. The building itself thus becomes part of the landscape and steps back as an object behind the reflection. The interior of the building, with its matte glossy cladding, seems to have been pushed into the mirrored casing by a light bolt. The entire object floats through a surrounding LED backlighting. On the east side, a pergola offers up additional open spaces.

The Space is equipped with innovative media technology such as an interactive 86-inch display with a flexible multi-touch surface. The garden, adorned with its seats beneath apple trees or the water feature, beckons visitors to sit back, take a break and relax. Space also offers some refreshments as well as an additional catering service by Kaspar Stange.

We are delighted to receive the M & A Today Global 2019 Award, SME, as the most customer-oriented architecture and design company in Germany.

This award recognizes our design as well as our good customer service. We say: Thank you.

The magazine ArtLight always focuses on light – exceptional and inspiring.

“It’s always the big picture that designer Nico Ueberholz is working on – designing exhibition stands for global companies as well as exquisite shop designs. It is the light that he chooses to create atmospheric moods…”

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Die großen deutschen Marken 2019. [The Great German brands 2019.]
100 Jahre Bauhaus. [100 years of Bauhaus.]
And we are part of it.

We are delighted to be part of this year’s edition of The Great German Brands 2019. As a foundation member of the German Design Council, our company and 499 other German business companies present themselves to its readers. Under an annually changing motto, successful brands are combined with design culture and market positioning in this exclusive series of books. On September 20, 2018 the new edition will be presented for the first time in Berlin.

German brands – the design milestones of design culture
100 Jahre Bauhaus. [100 years of Bauhaus.]

The book is supplemented and rounded off by an editorial section in which leading figures from the world of politics and business comment on various topics – brands as ambassadors and German brands worldwide.

As an organization of design-oriented business, the German Design Council joins major German corporate brands from a wide variety of sectors of the economy. Be it a creative milestone of design culture or outstanding by the merit of a special innovation: In its sixth edition, the book The Great German Brands also reflects the entire spectrum of German industry.

“Successful brands are distinguished by their clear positioning and consistency, even under the auspices of digital transformation. After all, even in a digital world and a constantly changing business environment, the success factors of brand management remain unchanged: Focus, clear differentiation from the competition, involvement of employees and consistent implementation at all relevant contact points will continue to be characteristics of strong brands in the future. This is what the businesses in this volume stand for,” says Andrej Kupetz, Managing Director of the German Design Council at the 2016 presentation event.

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Ueberholz GmbH is an innovative, client focused architectural design firm based in Germany and providing a wide range of services to its valued clientele. We invited Nico Ueberholz to tell us more about the firm and the range of projects it undertakes.

Thanks to comprehensive structural refurbishment and intelligent building technology, an old building becomes a sustainable home.


The residential house in the Bergisches Land, dating from 1951, is being refurbished for the future with a futuristic facade and more intelligent technology. The old house is therefore an extravagant gem tailored precisely to the needs of its new residents.
The modern building technology based on a KNX system from Gira was chosen from the outset. Intelligent functions therefore enhance the comfort of living and ensure more security and mobile access via smartphone.

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Own company headquarters as showroom for the creative output  – rarely has this idea been so consistently implemented as in the new headquarters of Nico Ueberholz. The internationally award-winning trade fair and communication designer has created an impressive and light-footed workspace in the green belt of Wuppertal, which has already won important awards such as the Brand Design Award 2016.

Nico Ueberholz and his firm design architecture – sustainable as well as temporary – as places of encounter.

Pulsating LED lights in sync with sonorous heartbeat sounds – this is how an installation at the International Architecture Exhibition in Venice captivates hundreds of thousands of visitors. For this work, Nico Ueberholz was awarded the renowned Iconic Award.

Nico Ueberholz describes the opportunity to take part in the 15th round as the ultimate knightly accolade. International Architecture Exhibition in Venice – located in the most prominent setting, namely the Palazzo Michiel. This year, the historic building stages the special exhibition Venice Design, to which the Wuppertal-based designer was invited. Here, he remarkably stood out from the 17 international competitors with his Lichtzeitraum.

Space as a multidimensional experience

Anyone who comes close to his 3 x 5 m installation will be magically drawn by a low-frequency double heartbeat and the LED light that is connected to it. Some 200,000 visitors have entered the black cube since the opening of the International Architecture Exhibition on 28 May 2016 and found a space whose dimension seems to be constantly changing by means of circulating audiovisual effects. In a short chronological sequence, narrowness and expanse, height and depth alternate in one and the same room. The view through a virtual window onto the Canale Grande adapts to this production.

Technical highlight of the International Architecture Exhibition

Outside the International Architecture Exhibition, Ueberholz’s portfolio includes temporary design, trade fair and exhibition architecture. In his previous works, he has also dealt intensively with the influence of light on the communicative process. As such, the installation at the International Architecture Exhibition is also based on the idea of making it possible to experience light as a creative force for architectural spaces in all their emotional diversity and temporal limitations.

At the same time, with Lichtzeitraum Ueberholz demonstrates in quite an intriguing way how and to what extent digitally networked spaces can be transformed at the push of a button. For this technical feat of masterly craftsmanship, he spent weeks working with his team and the smart home experts from the Connected Comfort brand association on the KNX-based system in which each LED luminaire was to be individually controllable. It therefore truly comes as no surprise that the installation is regarded as the most technically complex of the entire International Architecture Exhibition.

A climatic accolade: Iconic Award for Lichtzeitraum

This work has now been honored with one of the most highly acclaimed awards in the industry. Ueberholz had already won the Iconic Award for Architecture in October. For only four years now, it has been awarded to groundbreaking buildings in which the individual aspects of architecture develop an almost “iconic” force. However, Ueberholz is particularly proud that his little Lichtzeitraum was on the winning list with 24 spectacular large-scale projects from all over the world, for example along with the longest glass bridge in China or the impressive Marina One complex in Singapore.

As if that weren’t enough, Ueberholz also accepted the German Design Award 2017 in the Excellent Communications Design Event category in February. This is also awarded by the German Design Council, the German brand and design authority.

So the trip to Venice was definitely worth his while for the designer from Wuppertal. We can look forward to further enlightening creations.

Further information:

Wuppertal’s contribution to the International Architecture Exhibition in Venice wins Iconic Award and German Design Award

NThe 16th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice will run until the end of November. An official component of the vast program with visionary contributions from all over the world is a light-space installation by Nico Ueberholz from Wuppertal. The multi-award-winning specialist for temporary buildings allows visitors to experience the influence of light on the creation of spaces with different emotions. Not only has he now been rewarded for this production with the German Design Award 2017, but also in October with the international Iconic Award for Architecture, which is considered to be a particularly prestigious award within the industry.

“This is a very important prize for me,” said Nico Ueberholz happily at the presentation of the 2016 Iconic Awards at BMW Welt in Munich. Why: The relatively new award was introduced four years ago to pay tribute to trend-setting buildings in which the individual aspects of architecture interact innovatively, thus generating a high degree of iconic force. And it is precisely this approach that has shaped the work of Nico Ueberholz for decades. Remarkable: His Lichtzeitraum of only 3 x 5 m is on the winning list of the Iconic Awards, which feature entries from 24 nations, alongside spectacular large-scale architectural projects from all over the world – for instance, a glass bridge over the Zhang Jia Jie Canyon in China, the impressive Marina One complex in Singapore or the Addirriyah Art Center in Riyadh.

„Venice Design 2016“: Invitation to creative minds from 17 nations

„Auf eine Stufe mit solchen Gebäuden und Projekten gestellt zu werden freut uns sehr“, so Ueberholz, dessen „lichtzeitraum“ in Venedig immerhin auch an prominenter Stelle steht: Er befindet sich in der ersten Etage des Palazzo Michiel am Canale Grande wenige Meter von der Rialto-Brücke entfernt. Der historische Bau präsentiert nicht nur die nationalen Biennale-Pavillons der Seychellen und der Elfenbeinküste, sondern auch die Sonderausstellung „Venice Design 2016“. Die Europäische Kulturstiftung hat dafür kreative Köpfe unterschiedlichsten Backgrounds aus 17 Nationen eingeladen, sich mit den Wechselwirkungen zwischen Design und Raum auseinanderzusetzen. Nico Ueberholz ist einer von ihnen.

Licht als Gestaltungsfaktor

Der Wuppertaler, dessen Arbeiten als Designer schon immer von der intensiven Beschäftigung mit Licht und Material als Bausteine kommunikativer Prozesse geprägt waren, hat dabei die Zeit als zusätzlichen Gestaltungsfaktor in seinen Biennale-Beitrag einfließen lassen: Die Inszenierung des „lichtzeitraums“ basiert auf der Idee, Licht als die schöpferische Kraft architektonischer Räume, in ihrer zeitlichen Begrenztheit und emotionalen Vielfalt sinnlich erfahrbar zu machen.

Schmal und hoch oder breit und niedrig im selben Raum

Durch zirkulierende audiovisuelle Effekte zeigt sich der „lichtzeitraum“ in scheinbar immer unterschiedlichen Dimension und Anmutungen – von schmal und hoch bis niedrig und breit. Enge und Weite als wesentliche Elemente in der Architektur werden damit, in ein und demselben Raum, in kurzer zeitlicher Abfolge erfahrbar. Tieffrequente Herzschlagtöne werden dabei in dem aus schwarz eloxierten Metallelementen konstruierten Kubus mit LED-Lichteffekten aus kaltweißem-über neutralweißem- bis zu warmweißem Licht gekoppelt, ein virtueller Fensterausschnitt mit Blick auf den Canale Grande passt sich den wechselnden Inszenierungen an. Bei der mitten im Raum stehenden Dalbe, handelt es sich um einen mit Blattgold umrandeten Zettelblock mit Informationen rund um die Lichtzeitraum Installation. Gleichzeitig dient sie als Ankerpunkt und dreidimensionale Verbindung zwischen Bild und Raum. Zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt fokussiert sich die Lichtinstallation dann auf einen Monitor, der wegweisende Arbeiten des Büros von Nico Ueberholz zum Thema Licht, Architektur und Design zeigt.

Vernetzungs-Kunst für das internationale Fachpublikum

Auf diese spielerische Weise führt Ueberholz einem breiten internationalen Fachpublikum aus dem Bereich Architektur und Bau zugleich vor, wie digitale vernetzte Komfortlösungen Räume per Knopfdruck verwandeln können. Eingesetzt wird dabei smarte Technik von Connected Comfort. Dieser Zusammenschluss der Marken Gira, Dornbracht, Revox, Miele, Vaillant, Loewe und Brumberg, die jeweils zu den führenden Unternehmen ihrer Branche gehören, hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, Immobilien Gewerke übergreifend intelligent zu machen und neue Wohnerlebnisse auf Luxusniveau zu schaffen.

Auch Preis für ausgezeichnetes Kommunkationsdesign

Der Gesamteffekt dieser Installation wirkt auch über die hinaus. Bester Beweis: Der „lichtzeitraum“ wurde auch mit dem „German Design Award 2017“ ausgezeichnet, den der Rat für Formgebung – die deutschen Marken- und Designinstanz schlechthin – vergibt. Er prämierte das Ueberholz-Konzept in der Kategorie „Excellent Communications Design Event“.
Die Ausstellung „Venice Design 2016“ ist während der gesamten Laufzeit der Biennale bis zum 27. November 2016 täglich (außer dienstags) von 10 bis 18 Uhr im Palazzo Michiel (Strada Nuova – 4391 Campo Santi Apostoli, 250 Meter von der Rialto-Brücke entfernt) zu sehen. Der “lichtzeitraum” befindet sich im ersten Stock rechts.


The 15 sqm installation by designer Nico Ueberholz shows how spaces can be changed and developed in the dimension “time” in addition to three-dimensional design. Low-frequency heartbeat tones will be coupled with QualityFlex light effects in cold and warm white. All image, light and sound effects as well as an installation that runs exactly at the rhythm of the light sequences are controlled via a Gira HomeServer.

What at first glance might seem like a massive concrete cube is a surprise on entering: the interior is bright and open, glass surfaces and seemingly floating white desks conjure up lightness in the room.

The Ueberholz Office is featured in the new MD.

Normally, Nico Ueberholz designs buildings whose lifespan is very limited: the exhibition stands and exhibition concepts of his temporary architecture office have received numerous international awards. Just like the manufactory luminaires that the designer has developed for his “Ueberholz new lighting” collection.

Photoshoot for the innovation by Oyo at our offices.

When looking at the new office building of Ueberholz GmbH in Wuppertal, it is difficult not to get lost in rapturous outbursts.

What a building looks like and what it can achieve ultimately depends on its author.

In Wuppertal, Ueberholz, office for temporary architecture, has built intelligently and richly in contrast: What appears at first glance to be a massive concrete cube is a surprise on entering – the interior is bright and open, glass surfaces and seemingly floating white desks conjure up lightness in the room.

The designer relocates his office for temporary architecture.

Actually, the world of the Wuppertal designer Nico Ueberholz is that of trade fairs and exhibitions, which produce new buildings, but which only have a limited lifespan.

Ueberholz creates unforgettable places of encounter. Dinnebier Licht is a specialist for holistic and future-oriented lighting design.

The consistent implementation of a philosophy: – The result – an experience. Nico Ueberholz, owner and managing director of Ueberholz GmbH, shows the positive effect that can be created with the creative interplay of concrete and glass with the construction of his new company headquarters.