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Report about the reopening of our Space

Ueberholz opens Workspace in Wuppertal

The Space from Ueberholz in Wuppertal celebrated its grand opening on January 29, 2019. Space offers 200 square meters of multi-functional space for presentations, meetings, workshops and photo shoots. The building is the very latest design by the Wuppertal-based designer Nico Ueberholz, who once again demonstrates his clear architectural language right next to the office building of Ueberholz GmbH.

The outer shell of the new building is completely clad in mirrors. The surface consists of reflective Alucobond. It reflects the surrounding landscape like a camouflage. The building itself thus becomes part of the landscape and steps back as an object behind the reflection. The interior of the building, with its matte glossy cladding, seems to have been pushed into the mirrored casing by a light bolt. The entire object floats through a surrounding LED backlighting. On the east side, a pergola offers up additional open spaces.

The Space is equipped with innovative media technology such as an interactive 86-inch display with a flexible multi-touch surface. The garden, adorned with its seats beneath apple trees or the water feature, beckons visitors to sit back, take a break and relax. Space also offers some refreshments as well as an additional catering service by Kaspar Stange.