Portfolio Creator of worlds.
Designer of space.
Life-giver of brands.
Portfolio The only thing that
is new is what has not
existed before.
Projects Space to flourish.
Exactly our thing.
2D. 3D. Overdimensional.

Communication in spaces. And spaces as communicators.

Space is experienced in an entirely new way.

Multifaceted approach for stand concepts, events, shops, exhibitions, museums. Ueberholz designs, accompanies, builds. The design that changes everything. The client is astonished, the user amazed, the visitor impressed. Our work lends your brand a third dimension. Creates places of encounter. Inspires with optics, haptics, materiality.

Groundbreaking and unparalleled design.

The Portfolio.

Whether it is the design of sensational attention to detail. Or temporary spatial concepts of striking distinctiveness. We like to change perspectives. With alternative designs in contrast to what we have learned.


moderner besprechungsraum mit skulptur

/ Gira Reference - space

Fascinating architecture and modern design meets high-end media technology.
logo iconic 2019

/ Iconic Awards 2019: Innovative Architecture

For Ueberholz – Space and Amtico International Germany On…
team uberholz beim germand brand award

/ German Brand Award 2019

Winner of a double award for our customer Brumberg Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG.

Current favorite projects.

Wir leben für jedes einzelne Projekt. Deshalb hat auch jede neue Aufgabe für uns das Potenzial zum Liebling.