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For Ueberholz – Space and Amtico International Germany

On June 5, 2019, the jury of this year’s Iconic Award distinguished the Ueberholz Workspace – in the category Architecture with the award Iconic Awards 2019:Innovative Architecture Winner and in the category Communication with the award Amtico International Germany.

WOOOWWWWW, what an “awarding” feeling!

We are extremely delighted about winning a double award for our customer Brumberg Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG.

And of course, also about receiving this double award for our Ueberholz office.

  1. German Brand Award 2019 Winner, Ueberholz GmbH, Excellent Brands – Trade Fairs & Event Locations
  2. German Brand Award 2019 Winner, Ueberholz GmbH, Special Mention Excellent Brands – Corporate Brand of the Year
  3. German Brand Award 2019 Winner, Brumberg, Light for Generations, Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation – Brand Communication – Fairs & Exhibitions
  4. German Brand Award 2019, Winner, Brumberg, Light for Generations, Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation – Brand Experience of the Year

The Special Mention award is bestowed by the jury for special aspects of brand management.

German Brand Award 2019 Special Mention.
The Special Mention award is bestowed by the jury for special aspects of brand management. We received this award for our multi-functional workspace Ueberholz Space in Wuppertal.

With more than 1,250 submissions from 19 countries, the German Brand Award garnered a huge international reception in 2019.

The German Brand Institute Foundation was founded jointly by the German Design Council and GMK Markenberatung. Its aim is to strengthen the importance of the brand as a decisive success factor for companies within the national and international competitive environment. With the German Brand Award, the foundation presents a unique award for outstanding brand management.


“Hey there, what are you up to?” is a brief insight into the work of a select group of creatives. The architecture and multi-functional usability of the Workspace and Meetingpointspace in Wuppertal was reported on in the summer issue of the GMG magazine TrueColors.

We are extremely delighted about Brumberg’s award for its stand at Light + Building 2019.

We are extremely excited about the publication of Ueberholz Space in the architectural book space and identity.

This volume showcases contemporary corporate architecture that offers flexible and creative uses and is able to grow along with the personality of a company.

An attractive and intelligently designed workplace is just as important for a modern company as creative and inviting customer environments. In its internal and external structure, identity-forming architecture reflects the guiding principle of a brand and lends spatial form to central motifs.

Irrespective of whether the focus is on technological precision, a special lifestyle or innovative developments – successful corporate locations today are always characterized by a high standard of sustainability. In addition to its environmentally friendly construction, it also features options for extensions, dismantling and conversion measures to create an ideal working situation whenever needed.

The multi-functional Ueberholz Space is being featured in the latest publication of corporate concepts. space and identity, series 1:100 by the German architecture publishing house Deutscher Architektur Verlag

Space – the multi-functional workspace fits into the corporate concept of Ueberholz. Modern architecture with clear lines meets intelligently planned versatility. Space – the identity-forging architecture of the Ueberholz brand. In addition to sustainable, energetic aspects, this corporate location is also notable for the fact that its design includes all options for future requirements. This enables any changes in use, extensions, dismantling and conversion measures to be carried out in just a few steps. The property virtually grows with the personality of the company.

Publication in corporate concepts. space and identity, series 1:100, Deutscher Architektur Verlag.

We are simply delighted with the beautiful Muse in Roségold, the third most prestigious award in international architecture for our new multi-functional building Space. The Workspace building offers 200 square meters of space with state-of-the-art media technology for individual design for meetings, workshops and corporate events. Thanks to the Gira Home control technology, events can be held here completely independently by the customers themselves.

We are very proud of this prestigious award for our Space building in Wuppertal.

The Muse Design Award was established in 2015 by International Awards Associates to promote the Design Muses and the development of design.

IAA – International Award Associates – is an association of internationally recognized communication professionals. As the host of this award, IAA promotes design creativity as one of the decisive factors for the growth of our society by awarding prizes to projects worldwide.

The Muse Design competition honors internationally outstanding designers who enhance the world we live in with their design, making it more beautiful and practical. It celebrates those who make a difference in the design of the buildings we live in; the fashion we wear; the spaces we live in; the products we love; the vehicles that transport us; the packages we open …

Further information:


The winners of the iF Design Award 2019 have been announced.

On March 15th in Munich there will be something to celebrate at the iF Design Award Night in the BMW World.

Our submission of the brand relaunch Light for Generations of Brumberg Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG at Light + Building 2018 wins an iF Design Award in the Interior Architecture category.

The iF Design Award is one of the most important design awards in the world. For 65 years, designers and manufacturers have been striving for the internationally renowned iF label for design.

Winning an iF Design Award is a seal of quality that recognizes exceptional design and outstanding services. For our customers, it is an award for quality and brand presence. For consumers and users, it represents a symbol they can trust. And for us it is simply a great confirmation of our work.

Congrats from America – We won the Exhibitor Portable Modular Award for Brumberg Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG, Light for Generations at Light + Building 2018.

We are tremendously proud of the new award for our Space.

The APR Magazine’s WADA Award was established in 2016 and is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for high-rise architecture. It honors exceptional ideas in the field of high-rise architecture.

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Netflix is shooting the film Die Welle [The Wave] in the heart of the Ruhr area and also in Wuppertal. At the design office Ueberholz on the southern heights of Wuppertal.

On March 15, 2019, the Munich production company Rat Pack, which also produced films such as Fack ju Göthe, shot scenes for the new series Die Welle. And more than that, our whole team was involved in the filming as extras. A very special experience.

We are particularly proud to have brought Die Welle to Wuppertal.

The story is based on the novel of the same name by Morton Rhue, written in 1981. The novel describes actual events of an American high school. It was first filmed in 2008 by Dennis Gansels as a cinema film with Jürgen Vogel in the leading role of teacher Benn Ross. He conducted experiments with his students on the subject of propaganda and manipulation. The task involved pupils having to behave as if they were in the Third Reich. This wave then spreads across the entire school and showed the pupils how easily people can be manipulated.

The Netflix series is scheduled to start in 2019.

Broadcasting dates have not yet been fixed. We are already eagerly awaiting the premiere. It is scheduled to air at the end of 2019.

The LIT Award™ jury gives a first insight into this year’s award evaluation process. LIT, as a platform for innovations in lighting design, will announce the results of the jury on February 25. LIT Design Awards™ was created to showcase the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting designers.

We’re really excited to be among the winners by submitting our Space. At least Ueberholz Space made it to the cover. YES!

We received the Global Business Insight Award 2018/2019 for our new building Space – a multi-functional spatial experience. This award is presented to businesses and innovations in various industries on all seven continents of the world. This award is presented for outstanding and innovative architectural corporate identity.

Three new important prizes for our award collection. We are delighted about the German Design Awards for:



Gira Light + Building


Brumberg Light + Building


Workspace – A Focusing Mirror

The multi-functional Ueberholz space offers a spacious environment for concentrated work and relaxation. Read more in the 1719 issue of Cube magazine for architecture, modern living and lifestyle / Düsseldorf issue.


We are delighted to receive the M & A Today Global 2019 Award, SME, as the most customer-oriented architecture and design company in Germany.

This award recognizes our design as well as our good customer service. We say: Thank you.

Nico Ueberholz is jury member of the BrandEx Award https://brand-ex.org/bdx/nico-ueberholz/. For the first time, the new BrandEx Award will be presented this year at the International Festival of Brand Experience in Dortmund.

A completely new format, created by the initiators of BlachReport, BOE, FAMAB and Studieninstitut für Kommunikation. This is where the well-known award formats of the initiators (BEA Award, FAMAB AWARD, FAMAB NEW TALENT AWARD and INA Award) converge. From the beginning of 2018, interdisciplinary project groups will continue to push ahead with the details of implementation, such as the formation of a board of trustees for the congress as well as the establishment of award categories. The Brand Experience Award recognizes the best work in the industry.

The award ceremony takes place in the evening, which is followed by a festive after-party. The festival will be rounded off by the BOE, the leading trade fair for experience marketing, which will take place immediately afterwards.

All essential information about BrandEx – International Festival of Brand Experience – can be found on the new website: brand-ex.org

The magazine ArtLight always focuses on light – exceptional and inspiring.

“It’s always the big picture that designer Nico Ueberholz is working on – designing exhibition stands for global companies as well as exquisite shop designs. It is the light that he chooses to create atmospheric moods…”

View complete article (PDF).

We will receive six German Brand Awards on June 21 at the German Historical Museum in Berlin.

We are honored and so very excited about the second Brand Award for the Ueberholz brand as well as about the Brand Award Special Mention for the communication and presentation building Space, which is currently still under construction. The new training and presentation building received the award. Businesses as well as individuals can freely book their events at Space. In the evening, the building offers space for relaxation courses.

Ueberholz also received two brand awards in its own right for temporary buildings. Special Mention for the Ueberholz exhibition at the International Architecture Exhibition 2016 in Venice. Here we presented the light installation LICHTZeitRaum.
The experience space provides an emotional and inseparable synthesis of the temporary stage design with other works by the design studio from various disciplines, such as architecture, interior and product design as well as lighting design. The fourth Brand Award Special Mention in the category Brand Creation Fair & Exhibitions recognizes our presentation with the olive tree (We build atmosphere) at the Euroshop.

But that’s not all when it comes to three-dimensional diversity and ideas.

The brand-new showroom for Beertec GmbH in Heilbronn shows just how work and sustainable brand concepts can be designed today and in the future. Here, workmanship with high-quality design and material are combined with a highly experience-intensive, emotional presentation. Office and showroom in one. This is also worth a Brand Award. The same goes for the new brand identity for TKM GmbH at Drupa 2016.

We are highly anticipating the visit of the young professionals of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Wuppertal e.V. on July 3, 2018 at our office.

The Wirtschaftsjunioren e.V. (WJ) are an active network of young businesspeople in Wuppertal. More than 80 entrepreneurs and executives from all sectors of the regional economy are involved in this association. They are part of the largest association of young entrepreneurs and executives in Germany. The Wirtschaftsjunioren volunteer their time in various projects such as education and regional economic policy. By working in various work groups and divisions, they are committed to keeping the cross-association network alive and to organizing interesting meetups, such as a visit to the Wuppertal Ueberholz GmbH office.

Further information: http://www.wj-wuppertal.de/

Ueberholz Space is a multi-functional building equipped with the latest media technology. Its individual usability options as office and presentation space or for kick-off events will be available to network partners and the public starting in October. The Space is an addition to our office building and serves as a reflection of Ueberholz’s presentation space. The material language is clear and always in for a surprise. The space mirrored with Alucobond stands out visually – yet only seemingly – from the concrete cube.

Die großen deutschen Marken 2019. [The Great German brands 2019.]
100 Jahre Bauhaus. [100 years of Bauhaus.]
And we are part of it.

We are delighted to be part of this year’s edition of The Great German Brands 2019. As a foundation member of the German Design Council, our company and 499 other German business companies present themselves to its readers. Under an annually changing motto, successful brands are combined with design culture and market positioning in this exclusive series of books. On September 20, 2018 the new edition will be presented for the first time in Berlin.

German brands – the design milestones of design culture
100 Jahre Bauhaus. [100 years of Bauhaus.]

The book is supplemented and rounded off by an editorial section in which leading figures from the world of politics and business comment on various topics – brands as ambassadors and German brands worldwide.

As an organization of design-oriented business, the German Design Council joins major German corporate brands from a wide variety of sectors of the economy. Be it a creative milestone of design culture or outstanding by the merit of a special innovation: In its sixth edition, the book The Great German Brands also reflects the entire spectrum of German industry.

“Successful brands are distinguished by their clear positioning and consistency, even under the auspices of digital transformation. After all, even in a digital world and a constantly changing business environment, the success factors of brand management remain unchanged: Focus, clear differentiation from the competition, involvement of employees and consistent implementation at all relevant contact points will continue to be characteristics of strong brands in the future. This is what the businesses in this volume stand for,” says Andrej Kupetz, Managing Director of the German Design Council at the 2016 presentation event.

Read more at:

We have received the Build Award, in the categories: Most customer-oriented Build Award design companies 2018 Germany and Best German Office Building.

The renowned Architecture Award was presented for the fourth time to celebrate the outstanding work of imaginative designers, engineers and visionaries whose inspiring and memorable designs and structures broaden our horizons.

Further information:

While the parents visit an exhibition at the Von der Heydt Museum, young visitors discover the Von der Heydt Museum in an entirely different way thanks to the numerous offers of the museum-based education system. They discover what is hidden behind closed doors in the Von der Heydt Museum and how the alarm system works. Or they can be inspired by beautiful sounds while painting and be spiritually transported to other spheres.

The museum studio, which has now been renovated after 20 years of intensive use, invites you to take a breather during the Easter holidays and try out new things. Rooms with modern design shine in an entirely new light. The listed arched windows are now an experience element and offer plenty of daylight in addition to the new LED lighting. “We are looking forward to the grand reopening on April 21; and this summer, we invite you to the big studio party,” says museum educator, Julia Dürbeck enthusiastically about her new rooms.

For our interior light Glide, we received the Iconic Award 2017 interior innovation Best of Best. At the same time, the design concept for the new Experience Work Space was awarded the Iconic Award Winner Concept in the Corporate Identity category.

View Handout. (PDF)

Brand Award for the brand Ueberholz and the brand Neue Effizienz from Wuppertal. Ueberholz GmbH is winner of the Markenführung [Brand Management] 2016. Awarded for temporary design of all kinds.

Ueberholz GmbH is winner of the Markenführung [Brand Management] 2016. Awarded for temporary design of all kinds.

In the category of the competition class Excellence in Branding, Ueberholz was awarded for the best product and brand management in the industry. The award ceremony took place on June 16, 2016 during a gala event in Berlin.

For designer Nico Ueberholz, brand management and design have always been inseparably linked. We design, create and implement. A brand, just like your product, must be perceptible with all senses in order to remain embedded in people’s memories for a long period of time. The Ueberholz brand is associated with highest quality standards, attention to detail and an absolutely successful staging of the end product. For 26 years, Nico Ueberholz has been drawing and designing with this claim, has received numerous international and national accolades, and in 2014, with the construction of his company headquarters in Wuppertal, which he planned and implemented himself, has shown just how multifaceted the work of Ueberholz GmbH actually is. Brand straight from the source.

We are especially pleased with the recognition we have received with the German Brand Award 2016.

We are delighted to have received the German Design Award Special three times: For the new stand concept for Durable and Pagna, our new office building and the Jack LED street light that we designed.

JACK street light as eye-catcher

Street lights provide a good source of light and visibility at night. Jack itself is also quite the head-turner. Ueberholz manufactory line stands out due to its particularly elegant and slim a design – and also managed to impress the jury of one of the most important German design awards: The model, designed by the Wuppertal designer Nico Ueberholz, will receive the red dot award for outstanding product design in July 2015.

In the basic version, Jack has a height of 5.50 m and is bent at a 30 angle. The street light therefore provides an optimal lighting angle for the street, it is also available in other dimensions on request. Three fully VDE-certified T8 LED tubes serve as an energy-efficient source of light.

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DESIGN: Nico Ueberholz



Prefabricated housing estate Wuppertal

Vorm Eichholz, Wuppertal

Ueberholz wears fair-trade workwear from Human Family.

Ueberholz new lighting wins the Exhibitor Award in America.

Ueberholz wins the Exhibitor Award with Ueberholz new lighting – the innovative LED technology at Light + Building. New technology as highlight of the Light + Building show in Frankfurt in an upside-down container. Ueberholz new lighting is the second company in Germany to have its own LED tube with VDE certification.

Mehr erfahren: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEkNDyaI3jQ