A whopping 6 Brand Awards 2018

We will receive six German Brand Awards on June 21 at the German Historical Museum in Berlin.

We are honored and so very excited about the second Brand Award for the Ueberholz brand as well as about the Brand Award Special Mention for the communication and presentation building Space, which is currently still under construction. The new training and presentation building received the award. Businesses as well as individuals can freely book their events at Space. In the evening, the building offers space for relaxation courses.

Ueberholz also received two brand awards in its own right for temporary buildings. Special Mention for the Ueberholz exhibition at the International Architecture Exhibition 2016 in Venice. Here we presented the light installation LICHTZeitRaum.
The experience space provides an emotional and inseparable synthesis of the temporary stage design with other works by the design studio from various disciplines, such as architecture, interior and product design as well as lighting design. The fourth Brand Award Special Mention in the category Brand Creation Fair & Exhibitions recognizes our presentation with the olive tree (We build atmosphere) at the Euroshop.

But that’s not all when it comes to three-dimensional diversity and ideas.

The brand-new showroom for Beertec GmbH in Heilbronn shows just how work and sustainable brand concepts can be designed today and in the future. Here, workmanship with high-quality design and material are combined with a highly experience-intensive, emotional presentation. Office and showroom in one. This is also worth a Brand Award. The same goes for the new brand identity for TKM GmbH at Drupa 2016.