Junior businessmen in office

We are highly anticipating the visit of the young professionals of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Wuppertal e.V. on July 3, 2018 at our office.

The Wirtschaftsjunioren e.V. (WJ) are an active network of young businesspeople in Wuppertal. More than 80 entrepreneurs and executives from all sectors of the regional economy are involved in this association. They are part of the largest association of young entrepreneurs and executives in Germany. The Wirtschaftsjunioren volunteer their time in various projects such as education and regional economic policy. By working in various work groups and divisions, they are committed to keeping the cross-association network alive and to organizing interesting meetups, such as a visit to the Wuppertal Ueberholz GmbH office.

Further information: http://www.wj-wuppertal.de/