Groundbreaking brand. UEBERHOLZ.

Ueberholz GmbH is winner of the Markenführung [Brand Management] 2016. Awarded for temporary design of all kinds.

In the category of the competition class Excellence in Branding, Ueberholz was awarded for the best product and brand management in the industry. The award ceremony took place on June 16, 2016 during a gala event in Berlin.

For designer Nico Ueberholz, brand management and design have always been inseparably linked. We design, create and implement. A brand, just like your product, must be perceptible with all senses in order to remain embedded in people’s memories for a long period of time. The Ueberholz brand is associated with highest quality standards, attention to detail and an absolutely successful staging of the end product. For 26 years, Nico Ueberholz has been drawing and designing with this claim, has received numerous international and national accolades, and in 2014, with the construction of his company headquarters in Wuppertal, which he planned and implemented himself, has shown just how multifaceted the work of Ueberholz GmbH actually is. Brand straight from the source.

We are especially pleased with the recognition we have received with the German Brand Award 2016.