Muse Design Award 2019

We are simply delighted with the beautiful Muse in Roségold, the third most prestigious award in international architecture for our new multi-functional building Space. The Workspace building offers 200 square meters of space with state-of-the-art media technology for individual design for meetings, workshops and corporate events. Thanks to the Gira Home control technology, events can be held here completely independently by the customers themselves.

We are very proud of this prestigious award for our Space building in Wuppertal.

The Muse Design Award was established in 2015 by International Awards Associates to promote the Design Muses and the development of design.

IAA – International Award Associates – is an association of internationally recognized communication professionals. As the host of this award, IAA promotes design creativity as one of the decisive factors for the growth of our society by awarding prizes to projects worldwide.

The Muse Design competition honors internationally outstanding designers who enhance the world we live in with their design, making it more beautiful and practical. It celebrates those who make a difference in the design of the buildings we live in; the fashion we wear; the spaces we live in; the products we love; the vehicles that transport us; the packages we open …

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