Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany,
nominated 2010
ADC Award 2009
Exhibit Design Award Gold 2008
IF Design Award 2008
Adam Design Award Bronze 2008

Self-presentation for EuroShop
size of stand 48 sqm

Temporary architecture, music, dance and light shows are all limited in duration.

After the presentation in 2005, which was awarded many prizes, Nico Ueberholz and André Füsser experimented with their self-presentation at EuroShop 2008 in the atmospheric field of tension between architecture, sound and light. "Sound stones" invite visitors to discover the power of music as the original form of non-verbal communication. The notes that the stand's visitors themselves elicit with hammers from - among other things - a five-metre-high monolith, symbolically split along its length, are transformed into pictures of waves projected just in front of them onto a 36 sq m LED wall. With technical support from our partners INSTA and SCENARIO, a space is thus created for the demonstration of memorable communication. It is an example of how Ueberholz produces an effective framework for the individual product presentation, through a creative use of the sub-discipline of temporary architecture that lies outside the fair mainstream.

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