Lichtzeitraum Biennale Venedig.

The staging of the Lichtzeitraum (light time space) is based on the idea of light as the creative force of architectural space in its temporal finiteness and emotional diversity made tangible. A room that is transformed from a neutral space to a place of individual experience through the individual experience of the visitor.

Following acoustic sounds, the visitor is oriented in the direction of the suggested window excerpt of the Canale Grande, which adapts to the changing spatial visions. The dolphin serves as a three-dimensional connection between image and space, reality and vision merge. The slips of paper with gold edges are a reminder of the experience in the Lichtzeitraum and an homage to Venice.

The different texture and feel of the material prototypes expand the framework in which people experience the space and the materials themselves. Their underlying geometric shapes mirror the cement cubes of the Ueberholz GmbH office building, creating a link between the spatial design and the architect.

The vision.

The LED pendant luminaire GLIDE.


The LED-Pendelleuchte GLIDE. The distinct shape was designed with the function of the luminaire in mind and is accentuated by the T8 EQ LED lamp. Due to the functional rotation in the connecting piece, each tube can be independently rotated by 360°, enabling direct or indirect lighting with either the entire luminaire or just one part of it.

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