Light + Building
Stand size 1,086 sqm

With the introduction of a new campaign, a concept is being created by the agency Schmitz Visuelle Kommunikation. In close cooperation, this concept is being implemented in way which is suitable for trade fairs, and is also planed to be used for regional trade fairs in the future.
The challenge in the spatial effect developed in the concept is the implementation of the materials, which have no individual value themselves, and which are simple, but don't come across cheaply. The external shell of the stand, which should appear like a transparent paper, becomes a stretched gauze-fabric shell which is transparent and opaque depending on the angle of view. Illuminating the stage, the lighting is mounted above the ceiling of the hall, which means there are no lights in the foreground, just the light from above.

20 high power beamers project films and messages about new products at a height of 3 m and over. The products are presented next to each other, as in a gallery, but they are clearly visible from a distance and suited to rapid orientation.
Illuminated walls carrying images of the campaigns allow a coloured glimmer of light to shine outside through the gauze shell. This means that the clarity also contains the magic of light.

Conception, architecture, design, communication:
schmitz Visuelle Kommunikation

Production, exhibition stand construction:
Ueberholz GmbH
office for temporary architecture

Udo Kowalski

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