We build atmospheres

Nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2007
Edge Award 2006
red-dot Design Award 2005
Adam Design Award Silver 2005
DDC Award 2005
A Award in Gold

EuroShop, self-presentation
size of stand 42 sqm, head booth

In the centre stands a mighty, 250 year-old olive tree, around which are gathered fragrant sage and lavender bushes. On each side of the green island, steps lead to the otherwise entirely white stand, which is bordered at the back by a technically innovative lighting wall: This consists of a strip of flat screens on an RGB-controlled background surface, over which closely-coordinated sequences of landscape shots run. For each chosen scenario, the RGB surface produces suitable lighting moods, which turn the stand ensemble with the olive tree into an exciting meeting place that can be experienced with all the senses. A place, then, with an ambience very untypical of fairs, which also covers every possibility for a lastingly impressive and individual brand presentation!

A field of tension between nature and technology.

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