Fair Stand Modul

Euroshop 2017

Design Andre Füsser
Realisation Modul
Graphics and Communication Werner Laux

MODUL International Exhibition Design Systems GmbH Euroshop 2017

Light Boxes und raw materials

Modul presents its innovative modular stand construction concepts with different looks in two different halls.

Raw Materials

The stand, which measures 10x10m, shows a model on a scale of 1:1 and as such becomes an exhibit itself. Its surface is made of rough, untreated chipboard and is representative of the classic model of the stand. By doing so, the material creates a neutral exhibition stage for the exhibits. The walk-in model at various levels becomes an intellectual game of possible uses for the customer. Graphics and explanations on coloured signs are “glued” onto the walls like Post-Its.

Light Boxes

The stand “Light Boxes”, which measures 6x6 m, plays with the graphic effect of printing lighting walls. Inside black, outside white. The graphic structure is created by the actual spaces of the original light boxes inside the stand. This can be projected by the visitors using different triggers via a control panel.

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