Durable and PAGNA

Paperworld 2015, Frankfurt

A post-and-beam construction, which is reminiscent of a building façade and not a trade fair system, should provide an association with an office or exhibition building. In this spatial structure, product groups are presented separately by means of individual zones. Graphics, lighting system, products have a clear position in the structure and can be varied, depending on the objective of the trade fair.

The connection between clear spatial structure and lively, emotionally appealing presentation make this project special in comparison with solutions, in which the structure is more important than the product. The product remains at the forefront here, not the trade fair stand. The challenge for this concept is to retain the balance between the product and structures, which changes through the different stand sizes. The light, which is linked to the structure, always adapts to the size of the stand.

Different colour temperatures of the LED spotlights create suspense and guidance to the stand. Meeting areas are illuminated with a warmer light than the product areas. Large images show products in use and provide associations to the working world of the clients.

Meeting zones change depending on the objective of the trade fair. While technical discussions can be carried out at tables at Paperworld, a lounge area is planned for the Orgatec, which will make reference to the feel-good factor of the new product – the Luctra light.

Graphic: Durable and Yellow Design

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