Tischler NRW 2013

Iconic Awards 2014 - Winner

imm cologne / LivingInteriors 2014 in Cologne
Booth Size: XXX sqm

Design of a wandering Exhibition for the NRW Professional Association of Carpenters.

The exhibition is to be planned for four building containers which can be put together as a room of about 60 square meters. The exhibition was on the road in NRW for about three years. The focal point of the exhibition should be on the further development of an image campaign which the association began in 2002 with large placards. With four living areas, a conclusive concept demonstrates how the carpenter can be seen as a partner, consultant, moderator and maker.

The idea is to build extraordinary three-dimensional pictures, which show the visitors the desired image and make it into a real experience.

The living areas
Bath-, Living-, Dining- and Bedroom are re-interpreted and presented with an unusual solution. This new image breeds curiosity not only to look at details of workmanship but to study the work of the carpenter in greater depth.

The four areas
The bathroom is shown as the image “The wet cell”. A grille construction of MDF in the shape of an egg demonstrates the highest precision in workmanship and alludes to the origin of life with water.
The rest area is represented by the image “Sleeping on your feet”. A bench invites you to rest against a backdrop of changing moods of light.
The living area is symbolised by 2 heavy armchairs, playing facilities and a carpet of wood and screed.
The dining area shows the kitchen as a place of communication with a large table.

The light concept is an essential part of the exhibition next to the furniture. Light ceilings and walls illuminate the room evenly and give it greater optical height and depth. Light is at the same time an element of the architecture, for example a partition wall and lighting.

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