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Wuppertaler Stadtwerke Customercentre

The Wuppertal Stadtwerke (WSW) has three customer-centres in which they inform about mobility, energy, water and TopTicket. On the basis of visitor flows the space was divided into sections. From a quick purchase of tickets up for intensive customer service, need-based spatial solutions were created. This architecturally conversion illustrates the new organizational structures, to present the WSW as a flexible and personal service partner with customer focus.

Coloured LED Lightning differentiates the three product lines of energy, mobility and top ticket. The Head of centre can change the customer flow by changing the colour lights by button. Waiting times are minimized or excluded - at the same time the clear perception of the three product lines is guaranteed.

Green walls.
In all centres "green wall" were used as a visual and climatic element. The WSW shows their attitude to the energy mix that will be expanded over the years to increasingly regenenerativ. In addition to energy-efficient LED lights all customer service centres are provided with daylight controls.

Inner- and external view.
In the design of the shop windows, transparency and actuality is important. WSW give insights. Centrally controlled screens inform about short-term changes, like timetables, promotions and much more information can be changed in time.

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