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Ueberholz 001.
mobile and modular.

Exhibit Design Award Silver 2011
Red Dot Design Award 2011
Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, nominated 2012

easy going.

Within 25 minutes and just a few simple steps, "001" becomes a communicative room system. 24 sqm of space can be doubled due to foldable front and ceiling elements. The compact design allows for variable options of presentation and communication. Due to its modular design, exhibits and graphics can easily be changed. In combination with the extendable light truss, the booth is well illuminated. With the help of a convenient light regulation, the intensity of the light is adjusted to the location and the environment. Power supply lines and water inlet and outlet are connected via adapters.

convenient and efficient.

"001" was developed in cooperation with EMKA GmbH. Specifically designed for companies and brands which, due to their sales activities, attend many exhibitions, events and fairs. The focus of the "out of the box" conception is on the balance between brand presentations, the number of events to be attended and cost efficiency. "001" is transported by rail, on the road or by sea. Upon receipt, "out of the box" is unloaded by a forklift and transported to the exhibition ground.

robust and sustainable.

Transport dimensions. Length 10m x width 2.4m x height 2.5m.
Exhibition space. Length 10m x width 4.8m x height 5m, 48 sqm.
Weight: 5,0 t.

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