Kö-Bogen Architecture "in process" For the city Düsseldorf the aim was to develop a stage, a temporary architecture which makes the progress of the Kö-Bogen project between Hofgarten and Königsallee equally transparent and intermediatory accompanying to the citizens and visitors of Düsseldorf.

The transparent complex is the venue and stage for the "Kö-Bogen Düsseldorf". To see is a remarkable synthesis of communication, design and architecture, staging and information. The project is entirely in the service of the concern.

The three floor building includes a shop on the ground floor as well as floor overlapping exhibition space and a roof terrace observation deck. The building communicates on two levels. Outward superior topics such as green, water, living in the city or light become visible. Models, milestones in the construction process and building materials give a real reference for the change of the overall concept of the Kö-Bogen project. In that way components of glass, fabric and foils provide an insight view into the transparent illuminated building. With changing productions the building is responding to the various phases of the construction and to the project itself: In process.

Joint project by Lutz Menze design and Ueberholz

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